Archery 3-d shoot

Archery 3-d shoot


Springfield Sportsman’s Club Archery Range is now open for members!

The Club has invested much money and time in revitalizing the archery range for its’s members. The range has been updated with new Commercial Grade Morrell Outdoor Range Targets sitting on new target stands.  These targets are placed at ranges of 20, 30, 40 and 50 yards. 

The new targets are:

·         For Field Points ONLY!

·         Commercial Grade

·         Approved for Compound and Cross Bows

·         Official Target for I.B.O.

There is also a shooting lane to the left of the 50-yard target lane that has ground markers every five yards from ten yards to forty-five yard distances. This lane is for those who would like to bring their own targets and shoot at multiple distances at five-yard intervals.

Some Do’s and Don’ts of the Archery Range:


·         Always Practice Safe archery while at the range

·         Respect other archers while at the range

·         Always ask for a “Cease Fire” before going down range to retrieve arrows/bolts from targets

·         Always ask for an “All Clear” before you resume shooting

·         Have FUN!


·         NEVER Use Broadheads at this range

·         NEVER Go down range until you call for a cease fire and all bows are hung

·         Do Not move target stands or targets

Stay tuned for Non-member archery range days. We are looking at two Saturdays per month, from 8:00am – 11:30am. On these select days, Non-members will be asked for a $10.00 donation to shoot on the range. Check back to see these dates and/or watch for an email notification.