Welcome to the Springfield Sportsman’s Club’s Moon Mountain Preserve

The Moon Mountain Preserve is open to all SSC members.

Our upland bird season runs from September 15th through March 31st.

We try to keep pheasant and chukar available throughout the season

This season we plan to have Hungarian partridges after Thanksgiving.      

A Massachusetts hunting license is required.


For our regular SSC members;

   All regular member hunts are guided and limited to 2 guns. There is a $175.00 minimum that includes 5 pheasants or other birds, a guide and a dog.  Additional birds may be added ($25.00 each). A guide is required on all regular member hunts. If after the hunt a hunter should wish to become a Preserve member, he may do so at a reduced rate within a 30 days of their hunt.


Benefits of preserve membership;

   Membership costs $175 per calendar year, includes 5 pheasants or other birds and an introduction to the Preserve Hunting Area in a Guided Hunt.

Pre-Season Sale –Preserve members can order additional birds at the beginning of the season (in increments of 5) at the early season rate. That rate this season is $15 per bird for pheasant, chukar or Hungarian partridge. 

A Preserve Member can hunt as few as two birds at a time, and may bring   a friend or a family member with no additional fees. (Some restrictions apply)

Guided hunts with our dogs are always available but not mandatory for preserve members after your introductory hunt. 


Booking Your Hunt; (Preserve members take preference)

   Sunday is our most popular day for hunting, so we suggest you book your Sunday hunts at least 2 weeks in advance.

  All hunts should be booked at least 48 hrs. in advance. We can and will do shorter notice depending on our availability.

  When you book your hunt we need to know date, time, how many birds you want, and whether or not you would like a guide and dogs. (Typically a 4 bird hunt takes about 2 hours)


To book your hunt call Ron at 413-575-2304


Send E-mail to


For those of you new to bird hunting, it is suggested that you shoot Skeet or Sporting Clays as a precursor to bird hunting.  The shooting skills practiced there are similar to bird hunting. You will likely have a more successful hunt if you do. The SSC Sporting Clays presently uses part of the Preserve hunting area for their course.  Besides excellent practice and a good time, you can familiarize yourself with some of the hunting area. Note, the Pheasant is a pretty big bird and not too hard to hit.

Bird hunting is often a dog thing.  It appears to be at the Moon Mountain Preserve. You are in the woods with friend or two at least one of which is an excited dog. And it is often social as it can be a shared experience with family and friends.  The SSC Preserve is a place to hone ones skills and launch a new era in ones gunning experiences. You can make some memories, start a new tradition or continuing established ones.

If you would like to Bird Hunt, view the Preserve hunting area and/or ask a question or two, the director's E-mail is Or send a text message to Ron at 413-575-2304.

Safe gunning, Ron Fussell, Director.