Welcome to the Preserve! 

Our Preserve hunting land spreads 100 acres! Bird hunting season runs from September 15th 2017 through March 31st 2018.

Any member in good standing can join the Preserve. For a Club Member to join the Preserve the current cost is $250. This fee includes 10 Pheasants and Membership to the Preserve.  Preserve Membership includes an introduction to the Preserve Hunted Area and a Guided Hunt.  A Preserve Member can hunt as few as two birds at a time and a dog is provided if they do not have one. Once your 10 birds have been used, a Preserve member can buy additional birds at a lesser rate. Rates will be set at the beginning of the season and increase in cost a dollar a month, starting with December.

However, a Preserve Membership is not required to hunt on our Preserve land. Any Club Member with a current Massachusetts hunting license and a shotgun can hunt birds on the Preserve in a Guided Hunt, after meeting the Director. The Preserve presently has two dogs to point the birds for hunters if they don't have one.  A Club member would need to put out a minimum of 5 pheasants at $25 each to have a "guided hunt", a $125 minimum.  Club members may bring a guest.

If one is new to bird hunting, it is suggested that you shoot Sporting Clays as a precursor to bird hunting.  You and your guide may have a better time on the hunt if you do.  If one is quite familiar with shotgunning, (skeet, 5 stand, trap, etc.) this may not be necessary.  

For those not familiar with bird hunting, the dog in the woods is often thought to be 60 to 90% of the experience.  It's a guy and his dog in the woods thing.  

If you would like to try this, meet the Preserve Director, view the Preserve hunting area or just ask a question or two about bird hunting,  the director's email is  Or you can book a hunt with a text at 413-575-2304.